Foodie bucket list

Anyone who knows me will know I’m a massive foodie. It’s a bit of a joke amongst my family, we can’t have a phone call or conversation without the topic of food coming… Continue reading

Hundreds of Notts drivers have 12+ points on licence

Hundreds of dangerous drivers have accumulated more than 12 penalty points on their licences according to new figures. The data released by the DVLA showed 304 motorists across Nottinghamshire held 12 or more… Continue reading

Testing, testing

Caged lab rats, nurses clasping sizeable needles and a vast array of weird and wonderful symptoms. These are the images that will have haunted the minds of many at the thought of clinical… Continue reading

Court story: Parents smoked cannabis hours before baby’s death

(Court story for NCTJ portfolio. This is a report from just one day of the trial, during which Jacqueline Parker was giving evidence. The case has now ended and both defendants were found… Continue reading

Book Review: The Bone Season

It’s 2059 in a dystopian London. Paige, a dreamwalker, is arrested, drugged, kidnapped and transported to Oxford, a city mysteriously lost for 200 years, now known as Sheol I and governed by the… Continue reading

The eggs files

More couples than ever are relying on others to donate eggs in order for them to start a family. But donating eggs is no walk in the park. Alanna Lintin finds out why… Continue reading